Our factory

Since 25 years TREPOVI is proving every day his professional ability. As rated by our relation quality price and service in the market, following the strictest standards such as British Standard -4994, UNEEN- 13121, …. , ensuring the best quality with ISO 9001 standard.

Our technical department, supported by the most complex projects by external engineering companies, working with our clients, developing the most innovative equipment for modern engineering companies, OEM’s and distributors. Tailor-made products under customer specifications.

Composite construction, on fibreglass reinforced plastics (FRP), has the advantages of :

  • Light and easy handling
  • Non-corrosion
  • Chemical resistance
  • No electrical conductivity
  • Null maintenance
  • Low ratio of thermal expansion
  • Long life

TREPOVI - Pol. Ind. Santa Llucia, Carrer dels Paraires, 3 -­ 25280 Solsona (Lleida) -­ Spain

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