ISOTHERMAL (PUR) TANKS IN CONTINUE – without thermal bridge 04/07/2013

Tanks developed and manufactured by TREPOVI of double wall insulated in polyurethane foam (PUR) offer some great technical advantages over other tanks built by using insulating panels.    The TREPOVI tanks have the advantage,

  • Not any joints throughout the body of the tank, avoiding any thermal bridge. Can be built with insulation thickness under customer request (50,60,80,100 mm or more).
  • High structural rigidity, is a  “sandwich” wall type in all the tank shape, without any fissures.

Different capacities available in horizontal tanks, from 5000 litres up to 150 000 litres.

With many flanges and standardized manholes as requested.

The polyurethane material is the insulating one with the lowest conductivity value: 0.028 W/m•K

Projected polyurethane insulation is very robust against the effects of aging that the thermal insulation materials are usually exposed.

Many customers have trusted in TREPOVI to supply industrial isolated tanks by its technical capacity, quality and reliability for chemicals, food liquids, or others who require reliable maintenance of temperatures with a minimum energy cost.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquire that you may have.
by X.Vidal

  • PUR 60 mm. double wall isolated tank