In the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater a settler is fundamental, it could be with multiple variations:

• For surface or in-ground.
• Different cone angles.
• With polyester skirt or metal feet.
• Open or closed.
• All types of accessories: ladder, walkway, bell reassuring Thompson channel, scum remover , etc..
• For settlers with agitation, the agitator can be positioned at the place required.
• Lamellas: polyester sheets or prefabricated plastic packages.

  • Thickener conical tank 10m2 d2000
  • Settling tank with lamellas
  • Settling tank with lamellas, coagulation and flocculation
  • Conical settling tank
  • Vertical silo 60 m3 - d3400 - h13770
  • Vertical silo 60 m3 - d3400 - h13770
  • Settling tank
  • Settling tank
  • Conical settling tank d 2500

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