Storm-water tanks with irrigation kit

Operation: Tank to collect rainwater. Incorporating a high capacity and removable filter, to prevent theentry of sand and leaves into the tank.
Applications: Storage of water from roofs and hard surfaces, for ulterior use for garden irrigation.
Irrigation Kit: Optionally can be provided with a small kit, equipped with a pump and a set of valves thatallows automatically connect to irrigation water tank, and when this is empty automatically connect tomain line water . All installed on a small stool that can be placed where desired (only the pump has to beclose to the tank).
Pump box with:
• Surface pump 0.75 KW, 4.4 m3/h at 25 meters
• Press control
• Valves set with electric actuator
• Electrical control
• Foot valve in the tank
• Aspiration DN 90 with float
• Impulsion DN 25.
Optionals accessories :
• No-turbulence entry kit
• Spillway no-rodent
  • Mesh gasket filter at the entrance

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