Total oxidation sewage treatment plants with settler

Operation: Aerobic biological treatment system. The treatment station basically consists of two distinct integrated processes within the same tank. The first is the means to promote oxygenation for the growth of microorganisms which act on the organic matter to form flocs, degrading it and feeding from it. In the second separation process occurs a sedimentation of active sludge (floc), which is recirculated to the reactor to maintain a suitable concentration.
Applications: Treatment of sewage water from urban use (all kinds of communities, camping, restaurants, hotels, etc..).
• The treatment plant can be supplied with removable grill difusers. Thus we get, on the one hand, facilitate and reduce maintenance costs, and on the other, we improve the eficiency of the treatment plant, and that by not having to empty it, keep active microorganisms responsible for the water treatment.
• Storm-water can not go to the treatment plant or or pumped it to the station entrance.
• Includes a manual with technical characteristics of the equipment, installation and maintenance instructions.
• All stations come including catch basin. These incorporate an input and an output of PVC.
• The plant with removable difusers lead a larger inlet to allow passage of the grill difusers.


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