Until now the GRP F.W. FILTERS have had specially in industrial applications as big drinking water plants or desalination stations no so good image, thinking …. that’s no so strong to support the hard work to do work 24×24 by 7days.

But nothing more far from the reality, but under certain terms on manufacturing procedures

– Always in big GRP F.W. tanks with more than 3 m2 (square meters surface) when is for heavy work 24×24 by 7 days a structural …a.. Finite Structural Elements Calculation based on composite materials has to be done in other to know in each part of the filter the right layers, material type, and thickness to apply. That’s the right way to assure the filter strength and avoid any nightmare on leaking parts. As well the pressure tanks standards from the EU, British, or ASME have to be strictly followed. There’s no place for adapted commercial swimming pool filters as the pattern design is no following any tank construction standart to assure a good realibiity.

—->>> When the work is well done in manufacturing side as commented the advantages against steel carbon filters are stunning , let’s talk

1. No corrosion ::::: easy to write but when you have to forget about sand blasting,internal epoxy paints,etc,etc…. to do on carbon steel fitters to avoid temporary corrosion (3 to 5 years repeat it again) The GRP F.W. filters are great is quite for life !

2. Lighter ::: Favorably to the GRP F.W. Filters maybe you cannot see so much advantage with that , but ….. Cost transport, concrete base for the tanks … Less weight …. Less concret, iron mesh…

3. Normally when GRP F.W. filters are a little beat more competitive, but even at the same cost or a little bit more, the advantages commented paid easily any cost difference.

by X.Vidal