Horizontal Industrial Filters

Horizontal industrial filters

Horizontal industrial filters

Pressure filters for water treatment for application such as sand filters, carbon filters, etc. Designed according to the UNE 13121 standard, for a wide pressure range, from 1 bar to more than 10 bar. Available in two basic configurations: with nozzle plates or with collector arms. They have wide manholes that facilitate maintenance (DN 500 onwards).

Nozzle plate without reinforcement struts at the top, made of one single piece to avoid joints and areas without nozzles.

Designed to size. +Info

If you are looking for a reliable steel filter without corrosion problems, this filter is ideal for your specifications.


Drinking water, desalination, process water, wastewater, seawater, corrosive environments, chemical industries, etc.


  • Design pressure: 2.5, 4, 6, 8, 10 bar

  • Test pressure: 1.5 x design pressure

  • GRP flanges (fibreglass reinforced plastic), EN-1092 FF (flat flange)

  • Chemical barrier: isophthalic resin

  • Mechanical reinforcement: orthophthalic resin

  • Environment temperature

  • UNE 13121, CE 97/93 design standards

  • GRP nozzle plate; single piece without any other attachments or support for the superior part. Maximum differential pressure: 0.8 bar.

  • GRP legs

  • PP nozzles. Span: 0.25 mm

  • Colours can be chosen according to the RAL chart

  • Polyurethane exterior paint (UV resistant)

  • Other pressure, length or diameters

  • Other pressure ranges for nozzle plates

  • Additional flanges, manholes, sightglasses, etc.

  • Variable leg length, adaptable to already-existing bases

  • Accessories: battery valves, electrical control panel, etc.

  • Resin according to pH level, temperature, etc.

  • Other calculation standards: ASME, etc.

  • Seismic and wind calculations

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