Truncated Conical Clarifiers

Truncated Conical Clarifiers | Thickeners | Silos

Truncated Conical Clarifiers | Thickeners | Silos

Trepovi designs and manufactures all types of decantation and clarifier tanks, for different types of water, either with gravity or flotation sedimentation (CAF). For drinking water, wastewater, rainwater, etc.

The tanks have the option of painted steel legs or a polyester base. We adapt the angle of the cone to the client's needs, as well as other specifications and accessories.

Designed according to the European EN 13121 standard, they can also be calculated with other design standards.


  • Designed according to your needs: thickeners, decantation, floatation (CAF), grease separators, etc.

  • Different cone angles: 45º, 60º, etc.

  • PVC or GRP inlet and outlet connections

  • GRP or metal legs, GRP base

  • Skimmer, grease scraper

  • Sludge scraper

  • Perimeter Thompson channel with adjustable height

  • Reassuring central bell

  • Carbon steel, galvanised, stainless or polyester stairs and walkways

  • Structural calculations, seismic and wind

  • Underground or overground tank

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