Total Oxidation Tanks

GRP treatment plants | Total oxidation

GRP treatment plants | Total oxidation

Aerobic biological purification system. The system has two processes; reaction and decantation (just like an SBR), but in two different compartments. It works due to gravity. If there is a pump beforehand, the flow rate must be that of the design. It can be supplied with removable diffusers, which minimises maintenance costs and improves the efficiency of the treatment plant, as not having to empty it keeps microorganisms active.


Domestic wastewater treatment for campsites, communities, restaurants, hotels or other domestic use.


  • Manual catch basin

  • Aeration and decantation compartment

  • Diffusers

  • Blower

  • Recirculating pump

  • Electrical panel

  • GRP manholes with folding lid

  • Design base: 200 l/person·day, 60 g BOD5/person·day, 60 mg NTK/l

  • Resulting effluent according to 91/271/CEE

  • UNE 13121 design standard

  • Tank for underground installation

  • Adjustable length and diameters to size

  • Designed to size, based on the client’s needs (flow, volume, inlet contamination, effluent limit values, etc.)

  • Sensors (oxygen, redox, etc.)

  • Area installation, vertical set up, etc..

  • Resin according to pH level, temperature, etc.

  • Other calculation standards: ASME, etc.

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